Every lesson taken with Care2Rock benefits a child in foster care who gains access to our life-changing music program.

Together, it’s easy.

Getting started with Care2Rock is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Click the links below to see how to get started!

Need an instrument to get started? Pick a package here and we will send you one for free! If you already have an instrument and just need lessons, explore our selection of hand-picked instructors by instrument, including voice and songwriting. Browse our teacher profiles, pick your favorite and book a lesson. Not sure which teacher is right for you? Book a free ten-minute introductory session to ask questions and identify your ideal teacher.

Meet Your Teacher.

Once you’ve selected your teacher, click ‘Book a Lesson Now’ to schedule a convenient date and time for you both. Care2Rock’s video platform is custom built with WebRTC, which has the highest fidelity voice, the most advanced video quality available today, and there’s no PIN code to remember or software to download! Once your lesson is scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing a link you’ll use to launch your session at the appointed time.

You’ll need a computer with a webcam and a reliable broadband internet connection for your Care2Rock lessons. At your scheduled time, just click the launch link within your email confirmation to connect with your teacher, and your session begins!

You have the option of recording your lessons for reminders while you practice. Additionally, your teacher will communicate with you after every session outlining your goals for next time, so you’ll be ready to reach the next level quickly.

Care2Rock offers a unique impact: All of our teachers agree to serve as volunteer music mentors for a child in foster care every week for up to a year. If a match can’t be made right away, then we donate $2 of your lesson fee to benefit youth in foster care through one of our partner organizations.

Our program is based upon the proven success of hundreds of kids in foster care who have already benefited from music mentorship. Care2Rock seeks to bring our program to many more of the 400,000 children in foster care nationwide who have limited or no access to music. Learn more about our charitable side.

Change a Life.

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“These lessons are lifesavers. Students in the program are more likely to excel in school, more likely to see college as an option, and more likely to see that they are important, they are special, and they matter to someone.”
Julie Fiore, Executive Director, One Ounce Opera